Figure your budgeting could use some help?

Money is an imperative marketing and communications ingredient, but it can’t guarantee success on its own. It’s not how deep your pockets are that really matters; it’s how well you invest (in) what you have. Create (and keep current) a master marketing communications budget for perspective on the big picture and to see all of your expenses in one place.


Our budget planning tool, part of our guide to creating and evolving an effective  communications plan, can help you account for various expenditures.

  • Personnel isn't just about salaries and bonuses, but also expenses like team lunches and small perks
  • Planning and strategy activities, such as programming, brainstorming and ideation
  • Digital budgeting, which accounts for initiatives from a website overhaul to everyday expenses like stock imagery and web hosting 

It's not all about the Benjamins — it is about organization and maximization. Download the tool and plug in your figures to balance the budget that will help you deliver on your bottom-line.